Here’s a special one.  I was on tour with these guys pretty much exactly 20 years ago to the day.  Time flys when you’re having fun I guess.  Will be great to share the “stage” again after so many years.  90’s hardcore diehards take note, no age limit!




Apologies to our friends and colleagues in Montreal.  We have to cancel this show on friday so we can play the show that no one wants to play.  Condolences to everyone who knew VASSIL, especially his family.  This has been a tough week for all of us who lost this lovely guy.  I read somewhere about how VASSIL is another lost unsung rock n roll hero or something like that.  It sucks how we are surrounded by all these super talented great people who are life long hardcore punk warriors and we take them for granted.  Its people like VASSIL who make punk and hardcore a special scene that people on the outside can’t understand.  VASSIL had a great spirit, a true enthusiasm for music and he celebrated others sucesses as well as his own.  He was a true individual in a sea of clones.  I’m sad to see him go.



Hey everybody, thanks to the gang at brewdown brodown productions for setting up this weekend of shows for we are doing with our buddies ASILE from Ottawa.  Excited to see friends and hang out at this CRUCIFEST.  CHEERS!

APRIL 10th MTL @ death house w/ ASILE, NOIA, ROCK DESPOT 10th

APRIL 11th OTTAWA @ Dominion w/ SEXFACE, ASILE, DETHFOX and more

Crucifest poster